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Three orphaned squirrels snuggle in a towel

Rehabilitating the Triplets | Susan Eirich

Dear Momma Squirrel

It must have been terrible to be so scared that you had to run away from your babies, and then return to find them gone after so much hard work and tender care. I just wanted to let you know they are safe...

Grizzly bear on a snowy log

Well, maybe they are up... | Earthfire Institute

The Bears are Up! The Bears are Up!
The Bears are Up!

I’ve had 23 years of winter worry for our older bears, and although they come out of hibernation alive each year, you can never worry too much. Well, maybe you can...

Young wolf

Tundra | Earthfire Institute

Befriending Tundra the Wolf:
Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Dawn befriends a young wolf who is notoriously shy. Plus, Ann and her dachshund Waffles muse over mysterious tracks in the snow.

Woman reading in the sunshine with a cop of coffee

Reading in the sunshine | Logvinyuk Yuliia

Books to Inspire Your Love of Nature:
An Earthfire Reading List

Our team enjoys books about the plants and animals with whom we share this planet. These are some of the titles that have inspired us to take action.

Dragonfly on a blade of grass

Dragonfly | Parsha

The Power of Meaningful Nature Experiences:
A Conversation with Dr. Matthew Zylstra

Dr. Matt Zylstra has spent a lifetime researching meaningful nature experiences and how they shape our willingness to protect natural spaces.

Porcupine eating a carrot

The animals need food security in these uncertain times! | Alan Carey

Join our efforts to power up the mission of Earthfire Institute. Literally. 

We’re raising funds for a high capacity emergency generator to ensure that animals, employees, and visitors remain safe and secure when—not if!—we experience the unexpected.  

Comprehensive back-up coverage will require a 48 kW generator which would preserve animal food storage, heating, well pumps, lighting, and security. It would also protect sensitive communications equipment and machinery from power surge damage.

Price tag:  $20,000

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we're kicking off our power fundraiser with a donation of $1000!

Progress bar showing $1000 of $20,000

Help us Heal Our Connection
with Wildlife and Nature



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