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Beaver sampling a twig | BMJ

Much Ado About Beavers

With their mind-boggling engineering skills, beavers build dams that serve to repair and restore wetlands, river banks, and drainage flow.

These incredible, intensely family-oriented beings shaped a good deal of the landscape of the American west and create wetlands that rival the Amazon in biodiversity. We are finally starting to recognize the role that they play. Read more about this important species here.

White bison eating hay

Nima the White Bison | Dante Rios

Snapshots of Earthfire

Dante Rios, our animal caretaker, has been delighting us with beautiful pictures of our animal residents. Please enjoy!

Squirrel enjoying a snack | Malgorzata Surawska

A Cat and His Pet Squirrel

Dawn, our ranch manager, reminisces on a childhood pet who had a pet of his own. Plus: a rehabilitation release, re-homing some ducks, and visiting a local school.

Organic cotton t-shirts

Organic Shirts | B. Forenius

Heeding Nature's Call for Change

During this conversation, we asked ourselves the following questions: 

  • What part is missing from our deep memory?
  • What are we colliding against?
  • What agreements are we not willing to make?

We invite you to listen and add your own thoughts. We would love to hear them.

Businessman in the Woods | Rawpixel

Businesses Working for the Earth:
A Conversation with Aimée Christensen

Economic activist Aimée Christensen discusses how we can influence a capitalist society to better protect the Earth and its ecosystems.

Wetland Engineer | Dwayne Harty

Bid on this Painting and Help Build our Rehabilitation Facilities

Renowned wildlife artist Dwayne Harty has generously donated "Wetland Engineer," an original, framed oil painting (11"x14"). We are auctioning this painting to raise funds for our new and improved rehabilitation facilities. Starting bid is $2,500. Submit your bids via email (office@earthfireinstitute.org) until December 19th. The painting will be mailed in time for Christmas.

Dwayne has been creating paintings and dioramas for over 35 years. He draws his inspiration by immersing himself in wilderness in order to study firsthand the wildlife and landscape that inspires him. Harty was commissioned by The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) as their artist for the international traveling exhibition, "Yellowstone to Yukon: the Journey of Wildlife and Art."

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